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It is awful. You've made this day awful.
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I am Bill Buttlicker.
That's Tina Fey.
That's Tina Fey.
What's the secret sauce at Bronco Burger?
It was my job, I was supposed to get the baby but then...
You get caught using that...
we are prepared to make you a very generous offer.
Steven: Your move... Frybo. [screams]
You sent directions to everyone?
You seem as if you like to talk.
...a sword-day, a red day...
...a sword-day, a red day...
No, I totally didn't. Swear to God.
Yes, why? Why?!
And if I run and leap at Terry,
Span... the Sp... you about as Spanish
Span... the Sp... you about as Spanish
Boy, a month in Europe with Elaine.
Hey, Jerry, when do you consider sex has taken place?
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