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The Godfather: Part II (1974)(1499)Chinatown (1974)(1474)Young Frankenstein (1974)(1334)Blazing Saddles (1974)(1113)Grey's Anatomy (2005) - S16E02 Back in the Saddle(1111)James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)(939)Zardoz (1974)(881)Happy Days (1974) - S02E17 The Howdy Doody Show(650)Happy Days (1974) - S02E20 Fish and the Fins(645)The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) - S01E01 Population: Zero(640)Happy Days (1974) - S03E01 Fonzie Moves In(630)Happy Days (1974) - S02E14 The Cunningham Caper(629)Happy Days (1974) - S02E23 Goin' to Chicago(626)Happy Days (1974) - S02E18 Get a Job(623)Happy Days (1974) - S02E05 R.O.T.C.(615)Good Times (1974) - S01E05 Michael Gets Suspended(612)Happy Days (1974) - S02E02 Richie's Car(610)Happy Days (1974) - S02E01 Richie Moves Out(609)Good Times (1974) - S01E02 Black Jesus(604)Happy Days (1974) - S02E12 Open House(603)