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Comedy(27977) Drama(15951) Romance(10605) Action(6019) Animation(5966) Crime(5284) Adventure(5271) Fantasy(3919) Thriller(3670)
PG(21704) R(10185) PG-13(6179) N/A(4012) TV-14(2889) TV-MA(1067) G(1054)
Friends (1994) - S03E02 The One Where No One's Ready(400) Friends (1994) - S01E10 The One With the Monkey(364) Friends (1994) - S01E20 The One With the Evil Orthodontist(335) Friends (1994) - S01E19 The One Where the Monkey Gets Away(330) Friday (1995)(138) Notting Hill (1999)(135) Dracula (1992) (134) Casino (1995) Thriller(133) Short Cuts (1993)(131) As Good as It Gets (1997)(130) Magnolia (1999) (128) Boogie Nights (1997) (124) Rocky V (1990)(116) Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)(111) Crooklyn (1994) (111) Pulp Fiction(108) Sense and Sensibility (1995)(108) There's Something About Mary (1998)(107) Fight Club (1999)(105) JFK (1991) Thriller(105)
David Schwimmer(668) Jerry Seinfeld(460) Matt LeBlanc(321) Lisa Kudrow(286) Matthew Perry(284) Jason Alexander(194) Jennifer Aniston(71) Julia Louis-Dreyfus(57) Courteney Cox(42) Tom Cruise(24) Wayne Knight(23) Maggie Wheeler(21) Michael Richards(19) Larry Hankin(17) Mitchell Whitfield(14) Cynthia Nixon(13) Tom Selleck(13) Harrison Ford(10) Barney Martin(10) Giovanni Ribisi(9)
Dr. Ross Geller(118) Dr. Ross Geller(80) Dr. Ross Geller(53) Chandler Bing(43) Dr. Ross Geller(42) Chandler Bing(41) Phoebe Buffay(33) Joey Tribbiani(27) Joey Tribbiani(26) Joey Tribbiani(26) Jerry Maguire(24) Phoebe Buffay(22) Jerry Seinfeld(19) Mr. Heckles(14) Chandler Bing(13) Dr. Ross Geller(13) Jerry Seinfeld(12) Chandler Bing(11) President James Marshall(10) Jerry Seinfeld(10)
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