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Setting up the Yarn app

Install If you haven't already installed, just click this Add to Slack

That’s it! Your team members can now start using the /yarn command to post Yarns in channels and direct messages. NOTE: Click on the URL to play the clips in Slack (see note below).

Support Email [email protected] for help or concerns

Using Yarn with Slack

Yarn lets you search a vast library of movie and TV video clips, making it easy to find and share them on the web. When you add the Yarn app to Slack, your team can use a simple slash command to instantly load a video clip in a channel or direct message.

Yarn slack example

Just type /yarn and a word or phrase, such as /yarn magic. Yarn will post a random clip that matches your word or phrase.

Tip: Using common words and phrases can return unexpected results. If you’re looking for something specific, try using the /yarn /search command to get some private ideas or /yarn in a direct message to Slackbot a few times, then share the clip you like best!

Yarn slack search example

Yarn Usage Nitty Gritty

Yarn works as most Slack commands do.

/yarn [search terms] will call our Yarn service returning you with a single clip.

You can also get a list of multiple search results with

/yarn /search [search terms]; these clips can be useful if you want to select one and post it directly into Slack or share the link elsewhere.

We also use a colon for special modifiers to limit search.

/yarn :'[title]' [search terms] will filter results to limited titles.

The standard search combines a blend of title, terms/phrase and other tags and factors to find clips.

IMPORTANT: You need to click on the link in Slack to play it. The clip does not play inline. Hopefully Slack will allow us to play videos in-line soon; it is our understanding Yarn just needs to be added to their whitelist. Contact them if you want them to do this sooner on Twitter @slackHQ, or at this link or this email [email protected]

Some sample searches: