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That just leaves --
Winning must come easy.
Hey genius!
C-Canada. We're goin' over the border to Canada...
-Where is it? -At the bottom of the mountain.
And then I received a 740 on the English Achievement Test.
Hey, thanks for dressing up.
Golf is no different... requires talent, self-discipline.
Anne Klein.
'Cause looking at my own name on the ballot
The significance of the moth is change.
Sandy, my darling,
Run, Toto, run! Catch him, you fool!
Sandy, my darling,
It's time to eliminate loose ends.
Heave! No sacrifice, no victory!
This way for your num-nums.
You know there are people in this world...
How fucking crazy is this?
Favorite non-pornographic magazine to masturbate to.
I don't believe you people.
I am calm. What is it with you people?
- Standing. - Kneeling.
The sickening! It's happening!
Good luck with the comic-book store.
You old. She pregnant.
It's bush league psyche-out stuff.
l am
Wake up!
I am in love with you.
Tomorrow you'll come home with me.
- Those ears! - Huh? Ears?
I thought you never wanted to hurt anyone,
l am
What if I say something embarrassing like,
[Chuckles] Do you like video games?
You care so much! Don't you?!?
How does it feel?
For our national anthem, we now ask you all
Look at all of them.
or sit,
Look at all of them.
We challenge you to the Trials of Glarb.
We challenge you to a skate battle!
We challenge you to a basketball game.
There is Lelisa Desisa, who I think is probably the...
There is Lelisa Desisa, who I think is probably the...
Oh, Kat!
Dear child.
Shut your fucking mouth!
Sam Witwicky, you hold the key to Earth's survival.
Dean, we're sorry and we love you?
Dean, we're sorry and we love you?
No. Why would they?
You wretched, evasive little gremlin.
They all float down here!
Miriam, get... That's right.