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The Sound of Music (1965)(2133) Angie Tribeca (2016) - S03E05 This Sounds Unbelievable, but CSI: Miami Did It(388) Capital Cities - Safe And Sound (Official Video)(46) Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence (Audio)(38) Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)(21) The Right Stuff (1983)(21) Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) - S02E02 Adventure(21) TRON Legacy(20) WarGames(19) Whip It (2009)(17) I Love You Man (2009)(16) The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) (15) He Got Game (1998)(15) Yes Man (2008) (14) Modern Family (2009) - S01E07 En Garde(14) Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)(13) The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)(12) Her (2013)(12) Sneakers (1992)(11) Mary Poppins (1964)(11)
Ryan Reynolds(6) Daniel Radcliffe(5) Scarlett Johansson(4) Emma Watson(4) Ashton Kutcher(4) Kyle MacLachlan(3) Tom Felton(3) Rupert Grint(3) Anne Hathaway(2) Richard Griffiths(2) Matthew Lewis(2) Emily Blunt(1) Mark Hamill(1) Harrison Ford(1) Carrie Fisher(1) Keanu Reeves(1) Laurence Fishburne(1) Julie Walters(1) Tom Hanks(1) Harry Melling(1)
Harry Potter(5) Hermione Granger(4) Will Hayes(4) Ron Weasley(3) Draco Malfoy(3) Paul Atreides(3) Neville Longbottom(2) Andy Sachs(2) Jesse Montgomery III(2) Vernon Dursley(2) Ginny Weasley(1) Molly Weasley(1) Emily(1) Daenerys Targaryen(1) Lucas Sinclair(1) Jonathan Byers(1) Morpheus(1) Neo(1) Han Solo(1) Luke Skywalker(1)
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