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He's gone.
This place is not a playground for children.
Rita, I am so sorry.
A monster? Where?
Ay, my bunny-bun!
Run, coward.
Or should I say, Raven!
Oh, no.
I said I was sorry. So let's do tongues now.
Oh, no.
- Give him another chance. - I will talk to him.
Who in the blazes applied that emergency brake?!
-Why, no, I haven't. -Hey! He was talkin' to me!
3.5 million registered cars in the tri-county area alone.
-Yard sale? -Sarge, emergency roll call!
I can't see, Flo.
Hey, Tammy, it's Louise Belcher.
Everybody is kung fu fighting.
Three cars, one champion!
But I can't trace time
because I'm not giving up mine.
Hey! Wait for Steven!
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