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I'm from Korea!
Brrap brrap brrap brrap!
Particle beam in a wristwatch, snake holster on the leg.
What the fuck is that?
Who do you love? Who do you love? You love a car.
-And who loves you and who do you love? -Damon!
Oh no, everyone in the world has pooped themselves to death.
I promise. I will never die.
Very dangerous.
What do you think?
He bet me that Dustin Hoffman was in Star Wars.
Well, what about the toe? What happened to the toe?
Pecs on my abs, and fists for nipples!
I love it.
Okay, if we add a little more
Poop himself to death!
Will I grow old?
What are these? Take me to your leader.
I gotta do something to pull me out of my Mexi-coma.
Mmm, chocolate.
Do you remember that?
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